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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably the most important tool to boost your Miamibusiness on-line. Simply because before being perceived as “great”, you first need to be “seen”. Wasabiz has helped successfully many companies from Miami and beyond with their SEO, to lead the mto the first page on main search engines such as Google.

We see 3 points:

1 - A thorough audit of the existing situation SEO is a long-term effort that starts with a deep understanding of your products, brands and market. This enablesus to determine the most relevant keywords to position. We then plan on-page and off-page actions in accordancethis strategy and your brand history. The diversityand cross-industry background of our Miami team (Geek, Marketers, Strategists…) has a proven to be a great added value to put in place the efficient strategy for each client. Ultimately, it is all about driving relevant business and concerting it.

2 – Trace ability of on-page and off-page activities The objective at this stage is to work on two parameters: your popularity (number of people coming to your website) and your relevance (consistency of your website vs the search of your customers). To do so we work on two categories of SEO parameters: on-page, which are literally actions meant to act on the web page itself; or off-page, which refer to all other actions led outside of the page. And yes, you should make sure here that you are conforming with proper and recommended practices - White Hat SEO. You do not want your website to be blacklisted… On-page actions (title tags, meta tags, …) are structural. So, if your strategy is set right it should not have to move. Off-page actions are a different ball game. Here, you should make sure that you properly and regularly trace and measure the actions undertaken. Quality of links and content are key today. And no one knows better your business than you. So get involved.

3 – Monthly review of ROI For us SEO should be considered as merchandising. The whole point of your SEO strategy is to make sure that you appear at the best place and with the most appeal for the customers shopping. It is exactly like trying to make sure you come out at eye level and with a great facing in merchandising…This also means that you have to analyze regularly your performance and position on search engines like Google. Whether your SEOstrategy is local in Miami, or international, you need to monitor and amend your strategy as you move forward. Customers change and so do competitors… Review your website date (traffic…) but also your ranking for each keyword.

4 – Elect a partner that commits It is difficult to find partners that will commit to a firm result in SEO. Yet, a few of us may accept the challenge if you give us time to reach the objective and if you get involved on the strategy. SEO takes time.But, as experts, we should be able also to commit on ourSEO targets for ourMiamiand Paris clients. Should you have any specific needs on SEO, give us a shot and contact us here.