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Market your store in Miami

Yes, every store does needsome marketing! But what you need, is to make sure you phase your marketing expenses with your business developments. And that you have a marketing agency, which understands that. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row, and follow the development of your activity.

Step 1: build your basics 

Before even thinking about exposing your brand or spreading the word that you are here in Miami, make sure you are ready to receive these customers. And by receive we do not only mean physically greeting them, but also making sure that the first elements they will see or browse, is consistent with the positioning of your brand and your “reason why”.

To help you make sure you are not forgetting any bricks in your basics we have imagined for you the following “Marketing Agency” check-list.:

  • A digital shop window - Website

Let’s face it, we are in 2015… there is no way you can open a retail store or restaurant, and not have a website to present your business. More than 85% of people look first online before heading to a store – according to Search Engine Land.

And not all of them will look on a PC… This means that your website has to present well on a PC but also on a mac, a tablet and a mobile phone. In fact, if you own a restaurant, you should know that 81% of people that search for a restaurant did it in a mobile device. This means that your website must be what we call “full responsive”. Not only is it good for your customer’s experience, but also, since April 2015, Google has decided to change its ranking formula to improve the ranking of the websites that offered this full responsiveness.

Now, you also need to remember here that this website is yours. It presents your products, your concept… Thus, you need a simple tool that enables you to amend the content and interact with your customers when your business needs it. Your business is moving constantly. And your website is your first shop window! So, yet again, no agency or supplier knows your business better than you. You need to make sure you choose a simple website, where you can have the capacity to change easily and quickly it’s content. You need a wordpress website, and a hosting in the US that is optimized for wordpress.

  • Connect to your community -Social Media accounts

Weight of social medias… Having a website is a first step, but having a retail store or restaurant also means that you have a community of people coming to your store that you need to reach out to. Your future customers use social media to search, read reviews, find advice and share good tips… You have to be there for them to find you.

At this stage, what you just need is branded accounts that are consistent with your concept, shop and website so that your community relates to you and to your values.

Set-up and link your website to a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account.

  • Print & Collaterals:

Not everything is digital today, fortunately. Your brand will have to be present on some print supports that people will keep. And your brand will have to be consistent with the rest of your materials.

So do not forget to align your collaterals: business cards, letter heads, greeting cards… but also any brochure or flyer that you would need to promote your activity or products in your store.

  • Get listed, stay visible:

Advertising is going online and local. So this is probably where you should look first. There are a lot of free listing sites and some that might really make sense vs. the type of business you want to operate.  Listing & linking your website is good, especially when it is free, as it will increase your visibility and traffic. Make sure though that your listing stays consistent with the rest of your marketing supports.

Here is a list of popular free listing sites you should look into creating an account.

  • Make an impact on your customers -merchandising:

Over 10% of people who enter a store will leave it in the next five minutes according to Euclid Analytics… This means that you have five minutes to make the right impression.

So what is a good store environment? If obviously you need to make sure that your name & logo are readable and stick out on your outdoor signage, you also need to make sure your merchandising is creative, fresh, poly-sensorial and authentic.

Creativity: To stay away from monotony change the theme of your store (Christmas, mother’s day etc.) minimum every other month.

Freshness: Always keep your store appearance fresh by repainting old walls, removing old posters, washing artificial flowers etc. Freshness is in the details.

Poly-sensoriality: Enhance the atmosphere of your store with music, lighting, aromas that will awaken your client’s senses, and give a “feel-good” effect.

Authenticity: be true to yourself, all experiences people have in your shop should be in line with the values inspired by your brand & products. 

Step 2: Talk to your clients 

The basics being set-up and your business started, you might be thinking about bringing your business to the next level. With the help of your agency, time to add some power to your marketing to increase your store’s traffic in Miami.

You need to reach out and keep the momentum on your brand.

Here is a list of actions, we believe, you should envisage as a second step to generate more business and improve customer experience.

Traceable & Modern loyalty program (QR coded):reward your “believers”, use them as advocates, increase your average basket.

SEO: improve your visibility on the web. Make sure you appear on first page on Google for your keywords when people search for your business

Online sales (ecommerce): sell or book online. Add tools to help you sell more to people who cannot make it now to your store.

Mailing & e-mailing campaign: reach out to more customers to inform them that you exist but also to inform current customers of what’s new. Make sure the information sent does appeal/interest them.

Social media campaigns: improve your feed-back. Interact directly with your customers.  Create momentum with your community.

In-store animations & events:keep your community interested. Avoid being a passing fad. Keep momentum on the brand. Give your customers a good reason to come back.

To help you with your store opening in Miami, you can also review our 5 golden rules to opening a successful store in Miami. Or call us if you are looking for the services of a local marketing agency in Miami.