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Digital Marketing Agency Miami

What to expect from a Digital Marketing Agency ?

It does not require a huge budget to kick-start your business with the right digital tools. But it requires a focus from your digital marketing agencyon key elements to present your business in a professional and efficient way. So make sure at least you have the following elements ready before engaging your community:

  • A “Full responsive”, modern and easy to maintain WordPress website.

Today most of the people will look your business up on line before even meeting you.

And not all of them will look on a PC… This means that your website has to present well on a PC but also on a Mac, on a tablet and on a mobile phone. This means that your website must be what we call “full responsive”. Not only will thisbe good for your customer’s experience, but also for your performance as, since April 2015, Google has decided to improve its ranking formula to value the websites that offer this full responsiveness.

Then, you need to make sure you choose a simple yet efficient website, where you can have the capacity to change the content easily and quickly according to your needs. As digital marketing agency, we would recommend a WordPress website which accepts latest technologies and a hosting in the US that is optimized for WordPress (like Go-Daddy).

  • Branded Social Media accounts

Today, customers use social media to search, read reviews, find advice, share tips… You have to be there for them to find you, and in future for you to reach out or interact with them. At this stage what you just need is branded accounts, connected to your website, that are consistent with your concept and website so that your community relates to you and adheres to your values.

Use social media to promote what you do, like for e-mailings or mailings. Use them also to answer questions, to improve the experience people have with your Brand, to correct false impressions, find new ideas that appeal to your customers… Grow your followers and “believers”.Watch out though, social media management is very time-consuming and you may need the help of your digital marketing agency to handle the day to day communication with your clients.

  • Increase your traffic and visibility with SEO.

Customers have the choice and depending on the competition you have, it might not be that easy for them to find you when they search online. You need to work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Work with your digital agency on your “on page” elements: key words, URL’s, meta tags, xml site map robots.txt… but also on your “off-page” strategy to drive traffic to your website. Contract with a specialist that commits to results vs the positioning of your website. Start a SEO campaign with a committed objective of being on first page in Google for your top 10 key words.

Your digital marketing agency will be very helpful in creating a successful digital platform for your business. Yet, there are areas you can work out by yourself.   Here is a list of popular free listing sites you should look into creating an account. Good luck in your digital adventure!