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Cultural Event Production Company Miami

What is the best time for your event production in Miami ?

Producing an event in Miami is different from producing an event in the North East of the country. This is a tropical city and a number one tourist destination half of the year. This creates some specificity.

Seasons in Miami:Miami has traditionally a “high season pick” from December to April and a low season from May to November. The driest months of the year are December and January, while the most humid ones are June, July and September. There are pros and cons to every month depending on the type of event and guests you wish to entertain.

December: this is the most crowded month of the year. With over 100,000 persons coming to Miami the first week during Art Basel, and over 20 satellites fairs organized in downtown and Miami Beach, you might find it complicated and price prohibitive to organize your event at this time of the year.  At the end of the month, During Christmas week and the New years Week, thousands of Floridians come to enjoy the city.

January: this starts with the New Years Week and the “Three Kings” day (January 6th), which is highly celebrated in Miami because of the latino population (70% of the total). There are several Art festivals and the chocolate festival of the Fair child Garden. Watch out the route of The Marathon if you organize your event on a Sunday, in the second part of the month.

February:Miami activity picks up again with the Boat show, Art Wynwood festival, So Be Food festival and many more event productions. Most of them happen around President’s day weekend.

March:Another very busy month. The Ultra-Music attracts every year over 300,000 people over Spring Break. At the end of the month starts the Miami Tennis Open that finishes beginning of April.

April: This is the month of O’Miami poetry festival, of the gay pride and of the Polo world cup. This is a quieter  month with good weather perfect  for your event production in Miami.

June to October: This is the quietest time of the year with few events like the Miami Fashion Week in May and the Fashion Week Swim in July. The Miami Spice in August and September,proposes chef menus at discounted prices. This can provide an excellent opportunity for your event production, if you wish to invite guest to stellar restaurants at a lower cost. October 31st is Halloween.

November:This is the time of the International Auto-show, of the Nascar Championship and of the Miami Book Fair. This is also the month of Thanksgiving.

With so many events all year long, this comes to no surprise that Miami attracts every year  over14 million tourists. Yet we hope that you will find the best time of the year to make your event production a huge success.