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7 steps to a successful Communication Plan in Miami

Sometimes a communication plan can be overwhelming. Especially in a city like Miami that concentrates so many nationalities. Those 7 steps below should give you a frame to brief your Communications Agency in Miami and hit the road the successful way.

1- Assess the current situation

Run a diagnosis of the current situation, using internal and external information will help you set up your goals more efficiently.

Audit your communication values. Ask yourself if your communication is driven by the set of values that inspired you or the founders to create the company. It is key because people form bonds with companies that share the same set of values. This is what we call being a “meaning maker”.  If you realize your communication is not in phase with those values, this is probably where you should start to make a change.

Evaluate your customers’ feedback. Identify the profile of your actual customers, the level of current interaction you have with them (website, social medias …), and their feedback. Evaluate your competitors.  Identify who they are, their values, their customers and their competitive advantage. 

2 – Set up clear objectives

Be clear on why you are looking to reshape your communication plan. Is it to speak about your company, your products, your values? What are your expecting from this new communication in Miami? Set–up quantitative and qualitative results, this will help you to follow your progresses.

3 – Identify your target

This is a tricky one. It is essential to know who you are talking to,to communicate to them through the correct medias (internet, showrooms etc.). Yet your target should not determinate your communicate values and axes. In other worlds your values will naturally attract the right customers for you. As we mentioned in step 1, you have to be a “meaning maker” to be successful.

4 – Create a clear brief

Based on the information you will have collected above, put in place a clear and complete brief.  This will help your Communication Agency better understand your vision and your needs to achieve your goals in Miami

5 – Set-up the base before setting the executional plan

Work intensively with your agency on “what” you want to communicate before working on the “how”. You won’t achieve your goals unless your communication values are clearly identified. And once you open the floodgates, changing your communication would highlight an inconsistency that could damage your company reputation.

6 – Keep in mind your communication possibilities

There are today four types of communication tools that your Communication Agency can propose you:

The traditional media tools such as print, radio, TV and Billboard. They allow to reach a large target of customers, but can be sometime budget intensive.

Mailings and E mailing. They allow a direct contact with the target. Their return on investment is not always satisfactory depending on the fields of activity.

Website, SEO and social medias. Your website is your digital window. Today it is a must to have a modern full-responsive website that reflects your communication and shows up on the first page of your search engine when people type your key words (SEO). Social medias provide a unique opportunity to create a real deep relation with your customers.

Public Relation. Organize an event, sponsor a cause that makes sense with your values, meet with journalists. These are some example of activity that can allow you to have a free press release and build your notoriety.

7 –Allocate the right budget

Marketing and communication spending can represent between 5% and 50% of a company turnover depending on the activity. To get an idea of what is the right spending for you, check your competition activities, the size of your market, of your target group, your sales plan and the amount you are ready to spend to acquire new customers.

Sometime it is better to decide with your communication agency to focus on one media and work it in depth, rather that trying to cover different media without the necessary investment to create an impact. Miami is such a diverse city that it makes every communication plan a fascinating challenge.