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Or how we do branding in Miami

Sartre, famous French author of the early 20th century, argued that we must actively create our life through choices and decisions. We should not let life define us, but chart our own path. We are“meaning makers”, creating sense and purpose through our decisions. Since the age of time, men have been seeking a meaning for their existence and at the same time bringing meaning to the existence of others.

It is that same meaning, reason why, that today defines the efficiency of branding strategies, and that also drives the success of our companies.

Be a Meaning-Maker 

In fact, you probably already are a meaning maker but you do not know it…

In his humorous TEDx show, “Everyday leadership”, Drew Dudley talks about the leader in each of us, and the impact we have on others around us.He describes how the simple interaction of giving a lollipop can change somebody’s life. To him “lollipop moments”, define what leadership is about. It is about how many of these “lollipop moments”we create and how many we acknowledge… Generosity and authenticity are at the center of all these moments. It is by sharing our true values, that we make sense to others and receive the fulfillment of these “lollipop moments”.

Being a meaning maker does not necessarily mean reinventing or changing the world; it simply means doing or saying something that will make sense to others. It is about connecting the dots between who you are, your true values and people around you. Everybody can be a powerful agent of change in the world, one person at a time.

Access to Drew Dudley’s video here.

How does this connect to our companies?

We are in a world where performance is the ultimate goal. We all want more, and sometimes forget what really that performance is about. We are lead to believe that there is a sort of mathematical formula that, by applying, will transform our companies and brands in outstanding successful ones… As if we could fake or trick people in believing that we have the greatest products or services. We tend to forget that “people don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it!”

Simon Sinek, ethnographer and leadership expert, delivered two very inspiring speeches for TED –“Start with why”,and for the 99% conference-“If you do not understand people, you do not understand business”. He explains why our companies should first build on their “reason why”, in order to build trust with their customers, employees or shareholders. Why? Because, by nature, people love to bond and create communities with “people who believe what they believe” and that share the same values.

In studying great leaders and organizations behavior, Simon Sinek came out with the analysis that they all communicated in the same way. And, he summarizes it with his idea of the “Golden Circle”: Why? How? What?Through examples from Apple, Martin Luther King, the Wright brothers or even Tivo, he points out to the essential question in all this: Why we do it?

Simon insists on the fact that we are no good by ourselves. As humans we need to interact, relate, form groups, build trust and believe in something. “We surround ourselves with people, products and brands that say something about who we are”. He desiccates how people relate, make choices, form bonds, and insists on the importance of authenticity;reminding us that our organizations are also composed of people.

As companies, we should stop thinking about B-to-B or B-to-C… We should focus on Business to People!It is because people recognize themselves in your values, that people will look for your products, take risks trying new ideas or even become your first loyal supporters.

Access to Simon Sinek’s Video#1 here. Video#2 here. 

Here are a few examples of great “reason why’s”that capture how the brands make people feel and inspired millions of people: 

Apple: “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.”Steve Jobs’ mission statement for Apple in 1980.

Coca Cola: “Bring togetherness, spread happiness and inspire a better future”

Nike: “If you have a body, you are an athlete”

What it changes in the way we do Branding and Marketing?

We do not believe in Marketing as a way to push products to customers.

We believe in Marketing as a way to give more sense to a company or a brand, as a way to provide meaningful and authentic inspirations to people. We believe in a world where “Branding-Marketing” stands for “Meaning-Making”.

In this new definition:

  • Communication would be driven by the “reason why” of the brands – not products, nor benefits, but the set of values that inspired the founders to create the company. Communication targets people who share the same set of beliefs, recognize themselves and form a bond with the company.

  • Digital means like websites, social media, blogs…,would enable people to interact immediately and connect to a real community of believers. They act like a fabulous source of knowledge, discovery and innovation. And, they also enable progress right now – not in the future.

  • Events would remain this invaluable moment where people from a same community of thoughts and feelings connect for real. They join their efforts as one to share authentic and exclusive moments.

So don’t hold back… Share “the reason why you do it”! Fuel people with values, emotions and meaning.  Connect people to your Miami community.

And, if you need a branding agency to explain who you are and implement it in a meaningful way… give us a call.