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Tips to a successful advertising campaign

Building an advertising campaign is not just about having a great or disruptive idea… You need to make sure what you, or your advertising agencies, are creating is consistent with the message you are targeting to deliver.

To make sure you stay on track, and maximize the effectiveness of your message we have listed below 8 tips for you to check your advertising has all ingredients to be a true success.

Address your advertising campaign to people who share the same values.

Don’t be generic and try to attract too large a target! Be specific, target people who share the same set of values as your company. Remember that “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” And it is this set of value that you have in common with them that will bring them toy our brand. So make sure you speak to them at a personal level.

Highlight your strengths

Be straightforward on your benefits and what makes you different or better than your competition. People spend a very short time looking at advertising, so the message should be as clear as possible to create an immediate impact.

Be consistent in your message

In a world where advertising is exponential, it is essential to keep a consistent message across the different communication channels. This will make your brand credible and allow you to build trust with your customers.

Be consistent visually

Visual impact is today essential!Psychologist Albert Mehrabian demonstrated that 93% of communication is nonverbal. Make sure that across your packaging, your logo,… your visuals, you build a consistent image. They should visually all reflect common values.

Allocate a budget

There is no way you can engage in advertising without spending money… Yet,you don’t always have to spend millions to get a good ad. You need to shop, pitch and challenge ideas before retaining best advertising agency and the best idea for your campaign. Make sure you pick different profiles though…

There are several Advertising agencies in Miami, that could probably bring you impacting and differentiating ideas for a reasonable budget. And, Wasabiz is definitely one of these agencies. They will bring fresh ideas and disruptive without compromising on your budget.

Focus on the right Media

There are several options when it comes to Media selection: TV, press, digital campaign …This is the role of your advertising agencies to recommend you the best option for your strategy and message. Diversifying your media can be a good option, depending on your budget, and on the bridges and connections between the different media you envisage.

Challenge your agency on the choice of media.

Test your ads in advance

Focus groups, for instance, can provide valuable feedback to adjust an advertising campaign and make it perfect for your customers. Make sure you test your ads prior to getting them live. Some advertising agencies in Miami, like Wasabiz, include this type of market testing in their proposal.

Check your Advertising Return On Investment (ROI).

There is no advertising campaigns today without tracking. You need from the get-go to set-up a clear tracking strategy for all your ads. Emergence of new technologies, social media,… have brought a lot of tools that your advertising agencies will know how to activate for you (#’s, QR codes, …).

Now, if you have a campaign in mind and you are looking for advertising agencies in Miami, give us shot(link to contact-us). We would love to be challenged on our creativity and disruptive approach.

Your Wasabiz’ Team